I woke up early as I always do. I was planning to avoid all my plans and lay down on bed, till my friend changed his mind again for our camping trip which will take place in 2 days. So before this trip, I felt a need to obey my plan and get out of bed, meet with another friend, with whom I can meet only before this camping trip occurs. Because I probably won't be able to find free time after this.
So we decided on where to meet. In our actual plan, I had to go over 2 hours to reach the destination point. But I thought spending 4 hours on the roads just to eat a good falafel doesn't worth at all. So I checked other places which is only 1 hour away from both of us, fair enough.
Inside the bus, only one seat was available to sit. And this seat is for 1,5 people (or one fat person). But there was an African woman with a cannabis green hair, sitting in such position , while it's highly restricted. I was really interested in the way they communicate. It was definitely English, and I sure did understand, but this accent and the words they choose to explain, and how perfectly they understand and answer each other... Well I did not want to get closer or have a conversation with them at that moment, but I assume that they are from Uganda. (Well their accent was the same as in the movie Who Killed Captain Alex).
After this bus trip, I met my friend in the station and we headed for metro. Eveywhere is still under reconstruction or construction, for years. But they still did not solve the problem with jaywalking. A lot of people are risking their lives to be able to reach the metro from the shortest way. They are trying to construct an underground connection between the bus stop and the metro entrance. But the project never ends.
So after spending quite lots of money for transportation, increasing my chances to get corona, having a long and hot trip close to people while wearing a mask, we finally made it to the destination. I was hungry, tired and feeling like I could faint due to my low blood pressure. It was funny to see that people do care about wearing masks in low populated local districts but not in the most touristic and crowded places.
Ok long story short, we couldn't find the falafel place which we've been hoping to find. That was permanently closed. So we ate in a high-class restaurant with a good Bosphorus view. It was either that or some "vegan" cafes that we could go to. But those small vegan places are not so private to talk or spend time in. Because most of the time they are small and quiet.
I drank water whole day instead of eating anything though. Summer kills hunger, kinda. Tomorrow we'll go to shopping with my camping buddy and prepare our backpacks. Dunno for how long we are going to stay in the beach, but I assume it will be 1-2 nights.
I hope I will be satisfied.
Egyptian balls reminded me this song.