First matinee took place on 10th of May, the day of reunion!

After couple of months and a lot of changes in both of our lives, we've decided to come together once again and do something revolutionary. To do this meeting every Sunday at the exact same hour. We have different taste in films or music, though me and my cousin like to spend time together and make commentaries while watching movies. So we have decided to review and talk about these movies that we watch weekly. And here is the result.

Rate indicators:

1-3 Bad, didn't worth spending a whole day

4-6 Mostly movies that we derive memes from

7-10 Dunno if you'll ever see a 10, but it would be epic

Films are monthly categorized. So you can check if you specifically want to hear our opinion about a film ^^

MAY 2020 : Citizen Kane, Borat, The Wind Rises, Gone Girl >