Training Missions

Mission 1: Basic Training/Step 1/Hidden Meaning

It's your very first mission which is pretty easy. You will have to find a hidden message on a postcard. Well, It is pretty obvious because it's not coded. But the game is creating an awareness that you should be careful with the details. So in this guide, I won't directly give the solutions, but instead I will give hints. So if you couldn't figure out what is the first message:

Mission 1: Basic Training/Step 2/Look Closer

It's also associated with the same postcard. More than one message may be hidden within a single document. So pay attention. Second one is a bit harder to see than the last one, just watch closer. If you couldn't figure it out:

That was all about the basic training. Nothing so interesting yet, but it will be much more fun as you proceed. Let's take a look at the second training mission.

Mission 2: Training Ground/Step 1/Voice in the Ether

From now on you will be introduced to the codes and cyphers. You should check the case files from the archive. First of all, if you have no idea about code breaking, you can check the archive call number: BTM4A17
After checking that, you can go to the ASCII to Hex website and see how it works. You will use this for our mission. Once you understood what codes and cyphers are, go to the third section in the mission page and there should be a voice recording, a woman telling random numbers. "105 110 32 112 111 115 105 116 105 111 110". Now, rest is your job to do. If you couldn't understand how:

Mission 2: Training Ground/Step 2/Orders From HQ

Hope you didn't close the ASCII website yet, you are not done with it. Now there is a text code " VAGREPRCG GNETRG VA FUNATUNV " , which is easier than the last one. You know what to do. If you don't know:

It's the end of the second training mission. There are no such interesting stories in them, just to show you the basic ideas of the game. So let's do the last one and finish them asap.

Mission 3: Advanced Preparation/Merchant Missing

In this mission, there is a little story! Now you will apply everything you've seen so far (only decoding actually, lol). So your mission is to find the culprit of a missing antique dealer. This mission is actually a bit complex at some point. It's only one part mission, and get ready to break the wall between the game and the real life. Archive call number of this case is : GH73Q3 . ASCII website is required too. And there is a document explaining you how to do searches in your browser effectively. It's really cool, there are some info even I completely forgot about. For example, if you search in quotes "like this" , you will only get result which include the exact same phrase. And * this will act as an unknown variable "I am * variable". There are some other stuff you can read.
When you go to the archive, you will see 6 photos. Your mission is to find something solveable to determine an occult group of interest to the antique dealer prior to his dissapearance. If you didn't understand what to do with the photos:

You are not done yet as you see, maybe you are though. Well after you find what you are looking for you should decode it, obiously. Here the things get a bit messy after you get the text results from your decoding. Don't panic and get my tips:

Congrats. You finally completed the training missions and it will be a lot fun from now on. If you read this page, then you are a little bit overthinking and missing the big picture. Just have fun, this game has cool missions and you will learn a lot of things through making searches.

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