Day 1

Oi! After I heard Yuru Camp from this meme I've decided to give it a chance. WARNING! I highly recommend you to watch this anime after a hard day when you are completely exhausted, make yourself a tea (or something hot, drinkable), get under your blanket and ease your mind. Because this anime sure is relaxing and cheerful.This review will also give you some camping advice.

Episode01 : Mount Fuji and Curry Noodles~

Episode starts with a campfire, which is set on a higher surface so it won't interact with grass and cause fire. Aoi Inuyama and Ena Saitou are heating marshmallows with chopsticks (yum), but you should heat it slowly from a distance because you can accidentally burn it! Meantime Chiaki Oogaki prepares cocoa for Rin Shima. -"Want some Nadeshiko?". Nadeshiko Kagamihara wants to enjoy the campfire first. Everyone is happy and smiling (・ᴗ・) In that moment, Nadeshiko takes a selfie including everyone. And opening!

Now in the official beginning of the first episode, non of the girls are there except Rin. So we know that it's what we expect to see later. Rin is cycling on a really calm road, there is not even one car. She is going to Fujiyoshida (300 metres away!). She takes a look at the Mount Fuji but it's cloudy and not so visible at the top. It's already 2 PM, she wants to be in the campsite earlier so she will have more time to setup and relax during the daytime. She sees a pink-haired girl sleeping on a bench (Nadeshiko, but they haven't met yet). -"She's bound to catch a cold."
Then she arrives to the campsite and completes her check-in. She is camping in he cold weather, because she wants to be alone! When it's hot, campsites are overpopulated. When she finds herself a suitable place to set up the tent, first she stretches a bit (after a long bicycle ride it will pump the blood all over your body). She sets up the tent, camping table and camping chair, inflates her air mattress, puts her sleeping bag, cup, thermos, canister, aluminium pot, lantern around. Preparations done!

She starts reading a book called The Mystery of Ancient Civilization X, after saying that it's so warm and she won't need to make a campfire today (Because it can be hard to start it and gets so smoky that the sparks put holes in your clothes). But when the wind gets stronger and colder, she decides to make one. She goes inside the forest and starts picking up pine cones before firewood. (Pine cones are highly flamable, ignite with a single match.) ((The ones that are open are well-dried, and will burn nicely)) When she collects way a lot of them, she starts searching for dry sticks. If the sticks are too damp, they will not catch fire or may they pop! (You can also buy firewood from firewood shops. One bundle costs 300 to 500 yen (3-5 dollars)). It's incase if the campsite will not allow you to collect sticks). After she's done picking up, it's chop chop time! (She chops the big logs so they will easily ignite) Now, of course she needs to piss. While on her way to the toilet, she sees the pink-haired girl again, relocated to the front of the campsite main building, but still sleeping.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ HOW TO START A CAMPFIRE?! First, ignite the kindling. Second, start stacking thinner twigs on it. Third, gradually work up to thicker sticks while leaving space between them for air flow. Fourth, start fanning the flame but do it gently. WELL DONE! o(〃^▽^〃)o
(T__T) "I know my face is going to dry out." (T____T) "I know I'm going to smell like smoke" (dude, I personally prefer smell of smoke to smell of chemicals) ( ´͈ ◡ `͈ )" "But nothing beats this warmth"
She starts boiling some water and sends a photo of Mount Fuji to her friend, Ena. "Mount Fuji is wearing a hat." (because it's too cloudy!) She receives a photo from Ena back, her dog, cute*-*. Now her tea is ready to drink and it's already evening.

Sakura Kagahimara (Nadeshiko's sis) is wondering where Nadeshiko is after checks her room (It seems like they just moved in to this apartment).
Now it's nighttime, she brings out the lantern and goes to toilet again. She thinks that the pink-haired girl is gone, till she looks behind and -jumpscare- SHE IS HERE (and crying). Rin runs, she catches.
"So you just moved here to Yamanashi today?"-Yeah , "And you came by bike to see Mount Fuji, but you got tired, fell asleep and missed it."-Yeah;-; , "And when you woke up it was pitch black." ;___;
Rin offers her to go downhill and she will go home directly, but Nadeshiko is too afraid of dark. Also she doesn't have her smartphone on her anymore, and doesn't remember and numbers. So instead, they decide to eat ramen together.
Rin says that she have only ever camped solo, and it's a new experience for her to have someone else. When ramen is ready, Nadeshiko starts eating it so passionately that she makes it look tasty-Says Rin (for me it's belissimo). Also Nadeshiko thinks inside that Rin should be younger than her but amazing because she is camping solo. And she says she came all the way down from Nanbucho (which is really far to her current location) to see Mount Fuji but because it's so cloudy she cannot see anything. But actually it's there now, completely visible, behind her. And after this shocking view, she remembers her sister's phone number. ~heh
So Sakura comes to take her and gives kiwis to Rin for taking care of Nadeshiko. After they leave, Nadeshiko runs back for a second to give Rin her phone number and thanks her for curry noodles. "Let's go on a proper camping next time!"-Says Nadeshiko.

So Rin is unsure about how to react because she doesn't want her solo camping to be threatened. But, she will add her to her phone, though.
On her way back home Nadeshiko asks Sakura if they have any camping supplies at home. (now she is also interested in camping). Next day, when she goes to school, we see Rin is also studying there. (but Nadeshiko doesn't, yet)
And finally, we are introduced to the outdoor activities club of their school. There are noone in the club but the creators Aoi and Chiaki (We saw them in the first scene). Probably because it's November, and cold. So in case, you need a winter sleeping bag (and compact heater, optional). "I bet a heated tent would really sell. Equipped with a 1,200 watt halogen tube heater! Rigid, self-framing construction for vastly improved durability and habitability!! Plus a handy remote to control the temperature!!!"-"That's a kotatsu!" >(What's kotatsu, mate?)
End of Episode 1!


Day 2

After a half-productive day I already feel exhausted. I couldn't sleep well yesterday so right now it's 10:20 PM and I WANT TO SLEEP u.u This anime helps me to relax and sleep better. So I will make my review, watch the episode again and fall asleep instantly after that. Hurra!

Episode02 : Welcome to the Outdoor Activities Club!~

Episodes starts in school, Rin is reading a cookbook to try something else during her next camp. She is tired of ramen. Ramen... She thinks about Nadeshiko:"Maybe I should invite her at least once." At that moment Nadeshiko is running to the Outdoor Activities Club , she passes by Rin without noticing her. "Or I could wait until it's warmer..."
And Nadeshiko find it. Welcome to the Outdoor Activities Club!

She prefers this club to Hiking club because Hiking club is more atletic. But this one is more relaxed. Relax and outdoorsy stuff oi oi oi... -w- "Hello!" -But this room is too narrow?! Whatever! She starts to discover around. There are books, firewood, canned tuna, a strange drawing on the board. At that moment Chiaki appears and she freaks out. (Because normally there is noone in the club except Chiaki and Aoi.) While Chiaki tries to peek inside stealthly, Aoi comes with a new issue of Bivouac (An outdoor magazine). "What are you doing?"
When everything is clear they start to talk. "You collapsed at Motosuko, then a mysterious camping girl rescued you and treated you to ramen?" Nadeshiko is really impressed with the view of Mount Fuji at night. That is the reason why she got interested in camping. So she asks these girls if she can join them. But Chiaki rejects her! (+1 dislike point added to her account.) Nani?! ;-; But Aoi is thinking a bit more reasonable. She offers to invite her to the club so maybe the club will be promoted and earn a bigger room (But they don't need it because all their activities are outside!). "We've been waiting for someone amazing like you!"

They do activities like finding leaves around school and have coffee. Nadeshiko wants to make ramen again. But it's too windy and there are no leaves around. Sorry pal. So they go back to the club room and Aoi offers Nadeshiko to read a book about camping.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TENTS? Freestanding tents have frames, so you don't need pegs or guy ropes. Non-freestanding tents need pegs and guy ropes to stand up. Non-freestanding tents can be more compact because they don't have frames.
Then Chiaki takes out her tent, surprise! She has the cheapest tent Gianttree which costs 980 yen. (Well, only 9 dollars for a tent can cause you truble during winter I assume. But the tent prices are usually not so cheap.) Now it's time to practice setting up a tent. The first step is to look for a flat, soft patch of ground the pegs will go through. Once you have a location stretch out the tent. Then extend the poles. Slide the poles through the sleeves on the top of the tent. Fix the ends of the poles to the holes at the four corners of the tent. Be careful in this step because you can actually break the pole like Chiaki did.
Rin is sitting there and watching them with Ena. (Yes she already noticed Nadeshiko.) If you break the pole, you can use a pole repair fitting for emergency repair. (If you have one with you, or try to tape the pole as stronger as you can, as another option) Rin has one already, but she doesn't want Nadeshiko to notice her. So Ena gives it to them. But right after they successfully set up the tent, they ask Ena if she also has a tent. "Oh no no, I asked that girl over there". T___T'

Rin goes for a camping alone, again. She pays 2000 yen for the campsite this time, w0w. (19 dollars) But this one is really famous (Fumoto Campgrounds), there are even a lot of people there. She sets up everything again, and today she is planning to cook something "real" (one of the recipes he read in the cook book). But unfortunately, there were no supermarkets on the way. So... INSTANT NOODLES *W*
To prevent the grass from getting burned, you should use a stand for the campfire. Ehh but a bundle of firewood costs 500 yen and if you buy 3 bundles with one stand it's about 1500 yen. "I guess I'll get in my sleeping bag if it gets cold."
She is reading a book called "The Mystery of Takugawa's Buried Treasure" this time. Then she decides to take a walk. (she should, it costs 2000 yen for her to enter this place!) She takes some photos for Ena. Mount Fuji is clearly visible today, not wearing hats. Then she goes to the bathroom and sees a building which looks like a huge face. After that couple of doggies run towards her. On her way to cafeteria, there is a sculpture of an animal, lion ka? And finally she finds the best spot to take a shot of upside down Mt Fuji.
She sends all these photos to Ena (she is laying on her bed with her dog). She wants to get up and go or a walk, but it's too cold, brr. Not today boy.
It's getting dark now and Rin remembered how crappy she acted in the school when Nadeshiko came near her. She did not want her solo camp to be threatened. "Rin-chan!"-Ok, I get it. "Riiin-chan!"-I told you I get it. (she thinks she is hearing her voice in her head) But actually, nope, Nadeshiko is there, standing with bunch of food in her arms. "Ena told me that you are here!" "Rin chan, let's make hot pot!"

Aftercredits: There is a Room Camp scene (outclub special). "We didn't have cookies, but we have Kikyou Shingen Mochi!" You eat it with kinako and brown sugar syrup. But they are a bit hard to eat. You can eat it like this: Put mochi and the toppings on it inside a plastic bag. Wrap it and knead it till its completely mixed. Bon appetite!~
End of Episode 2!

Day 3

Day by day I want some friends to go camping with. I wonder if they will always camp near Mount Fuji in this anime. Well the view is spectecular, but it could be interesting to see other places too.

Episode03 : Mount Fuji and Relaxed Hot Pot Camp!~

Ohayo! In the beginning of this episode Nadeshiko is looking for some outdoor equipment in storage. But all she finds is a beach tent (which protects you from sunlight during summer). Meantime, Ena sends Rin's location (campground) to Nadeshiko (she is trying a lot to make Rin more sociable). So of course Nadeshiko wants to go there, but it's too far away. So she grabs a lot of food and asks to her sister Sakura to give her a ride. When they arrive, Nadeshiko starts looking for Rin. "Rin-chan! Let's make hot pot!"
While she is preparing hot pot, she says that she is going to sleep in her sister's car for the night. She even brought futon with her! (I'm jealous atm...) When you sleep in the car or your RV it's still considered to be a camp, having an RV would be so exciting though, you can change your camping location whenever you want. Also you won't need to pay too much money for winter equipment. (If you already have an RV ofc.)
Also she says that Sakura went to Fujinomiya to hang out with her friends, and she will come back at night. (Fujinomiya is a great point to start climbing to Mt Fuji *-*). During their chit-chat, Nadeshiko gets cold and Rin offers her to use stick-on warmers. (15000 yen each, well a bit expensive but if you have money it's a good option to keep yourself warm.) Nadeshiko doesn't want to take it because of it's price, but Rin wants to give it in return of the hot pot. Nadeshiko says: "It's alredy in return of the last time (curry noodles)" (isn't she cute?)

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ WHERE TO PUT THE STICK-ON WARMERS? Not on your eyes for sure. Apply body warmers to the base of your neck, on the pit of your stomach, between your shoulderblades or anywhere else with thick veins. War a muffler or down coat over them for best result!
While they are camping, Chiaki and Aoi are looking for a part-time job to earn money for club activities. They will soon go to camping with the third member of their club!
So, hot pot is ready to eat! "Dig in, my dear"-What are you a granny from the countryside?! Itadakimasu! And of course they got too hot and took of their overcoats. And mostly, when you eat hot pot , you should finish with rice. But Nadeshiko forgot it. They are already full anyways.
Rin wants to say sorry to Nadeshiko because of her behaviour in school. But Nadeshiko says that she already learned that Rin likes camping alone, because Aoi told her. "Let's to this again. Relaxed hot pot camp! And if you ever feel like it, we can camp with others." Rin approves +
It2s nighttime. Mount Fuji looks great as always. But they say that the view is mystical in the fog an morning light. But fog only happens during spring or summer. Nadeshiko wants to see it in morning light anyways, so she sets up the alarm to 6, Rin wants to sleep...

When it's 5:40, Sakura wakes Nadeshiko up. "I'm awake, I swear U.U".
"I'm going to buy breakfast at the convenience store. What do you want?"-Fried rice with meat,pudding,fried chicken,potato chips, baumkuchen, ice cream, tonkoutsu salt ramen. "Rice balls and tea, got it."
After this mystical view of Fuji, she goes inside Rin's tent and starts sleeping there. "Oh, well."
The day after, she checks their photos from the camp. Then Ena comes "What's so good about camping in winter? It's so cold!"
"No bugs. No sweating. No other campers, it's quiet. Campfires and hot springs feel good. You can see clearly into the distance. Soups taste good...I guess."
Back to the tent scene, Rin tells Nadeshiko to wake up. "I'm already awake, Rin-chan." "Wake up, Nadeshiko."

Room camp after-credits. Nadeshiko shows her photos from their camp with Rin, to the outclub members. She even bought herself a Mount Fuji t-shirt from her first campsite. "Why not climbing it if you like it so much?" But she just wants to watch it from a distance. Chiaki says: "All you talk about is Fuji. From now on we'll call you FUJIKO." F U J I K O *-* -Sure. "Seriously??"
End of Episode 3!

Day 4

I've never been in hot springs before. I wonder how it feels like. I wish I had more time so I could go to camping during winter. It's my favorite too. After this stupid exam I'll start discovering around. Last time I camped was during summer. I did it inside a natural park, and just the other day I learned that it was the road of pigs! So all those creepy sounds were coming from them.. That was fun. I remember we forgot to take kindlings with us and there were no kindlings around so we had troubles with starting the fire, till my friend started to count the items he carries in his backpack. "Lantern, flashlights, sleeping bag, cologne.." COLOGNE! So we started the fire with alcohol. That was fun. Then we vandalised a stack of dry wood that belongs to someone else, we just took some saplings, thats all^^ (The other day owners came in the morning and we felt really ashamed of one of the swastikas we made on a pole, which they used for hanging a tent over woods to protect them from rain, oh man..) But maybe they did not mention it, I hope. Then we walked around a bit, there were some sounds coming from a distance because probably we were on top of a little hill just after the walking route. And then we returned and cooked rice. Then we played cards, listened some music, made stick fights (hehe~) and watched new season of Stranger Things while eating marshmallows. It was really cold during night but our sleeping bags were enough. So we had a good sleep and made more discoveries in the morning, around a Polish village. Then we hitchhiked to the city in the afternoon, and ate cake by the traffic. I miss those days a lot... But I have bigger plans for this summer!

Episode04 : The Outdoor Activities Club and the Solo Camping Girl!~

Outclub members are making coffee in the school's backyard. They are planning to go to their first winter camping trip next week. Now it's time for preparations!
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ WHAT DO YOU NEED FOR CAMPING? Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, lightning (flashlight and headlight), campfire tool (matches,kindling), cooking utensils (aliminium pot, spoon, fork and knife, FOOD!), clothes, toiletries (toothbrush, toiletpaper), trash bags, first aid. And if you still have place, take anything you want for your entertainment and comfort. Such as inflatable pillow, blanket, card games, books, radio, hammock, portable heater...
Girls have almost everything else except sleeping bags. If you will try to go camping during winter with a summer sleeping bag, you can get hypotermia. There are different types of sleeping bags such as Rectangle and mummy style. Also there is one more... HUMANOID SLEEPING BAG! Humanoid sleeping bags have two legs, allowing you to walk freely.
Also there are synthetic fiber and down ones. Down bags compress more but they are quite expensive. Synthetic ones have the same effective insulation, but takes more place. Also here are sleeping bag covers to improve your sleeping bag's insulation. But they cost as much as sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are quite expensive in general. So the girls decide to find up a solution to get warm without spending money on sleeping bags, by making their own sleeping bag cover.

First Chiaki wears the summer sleeping-bag, then she wears thicker outfits. It's still cold, so they decide to wrap it with aluminium foil. It's still cold. Now it's time to use bubble wrap on aluminium foil. It's getting warmer! And finally put a cardboard over it to keep the warmth in. Now she is totally packed up and ready to ship.
In the meantime Rin is working in her part time job in Takeda Bookstore. She plans to go to Nagano for camping. When she sees the book called "Goldilocks and Three bears" (a children's book) she gets worried because she's been told that there are bears in Nagano. But she gets distracted with Nadeshiko's message and forgets.
Outclub members are shopping for camping equipments. They all buy a mummy sleeping bag for 3980 yen, in different colors. Nadeshiko is Outclub Red, Chiaki is Outclub Yellow and Aoi is Ouclub Blue! And they are prepared to go the next day.
Rin just got her license and she goes to Nagano in her first day. Outclub girls are going to the Eastwood Campgrounds. In the Eastwood Campgrounds, firewood is free, there is a hot spring nearby, the view is so beautiful at night and it's really cheap, 1000 yen a night! The girls have heavy bags full of food and a new tent. So they suggest Nadeshiko to don't carry it on her back but on a wheeled platform, like a luggage because they will go uphill. But while climbing uphill, they seem more tired than Nadeshiko and decide to take a break in Fuefuki Park. They try to hitchhike till there, even if it's only 600 meters.

Rin is almost at Chino city. She encounters some cute puppies in cars. Outclub girls arrived to the Fuefuki Park and Nadeshiko is really hyped after seeing the view. They eat ice cream in a cafe around that park. It's still 1.7 kms to the campground but the hot springs is closer. What to do? Ofc, hot springs!
Rin also takes a break and visits a cafe. She sits near the fireplace and takes a look at the menu. Borscht is 1300 yen, her campground (Fumoto) costs 2000 yen to enter but luckily she just got paid! So she buys herself a borscht with caramel macchiato. She also wants to buy a souvenir for Nadeshiko from that cafe, edible one!
Outclub girls are in the hot springs already. When they see the lounge room, they understand that their butts will take a root here. Rin sends Nadeshiko a link of a live camera in Kirigamine (a pletau by Lake Suwa in Nagano)and waves at her through it, so Nadeshiko opens the link and they see Rin waving at them. She's a true solo camper!
Room camp aftercredits: Girls are practicing tent setup, log splitting, relaxing on a chair, being a hammock, laughing it up over a campfire and taking occasional glances at Mount Fuji.
End of Episode 4!

Day 5

It's the last month of winter. I don't want it to end because it's really hot during summer. Making long-walks is too tiresome, because you lose a lot of water. Outdoor activities become painful at some point. But sea is cool. Swimming, camping near the sea, boat riding, diving... It's another pleasure ofc. But still, I like winter more. You can walk endlessly, warm drinks and food give extra pleasure, improve your winter surviving skills and gain a resistance against cold weather. I did camping mostly in the forests. But this winter, I will definitely go to some high points with sea, mountain view. Forests are great to improve your creative skills. You can do a lot with natural resources. If you are lucky, you can also catch a good view at some points!

Episode05 : Two Camps, Two Campers' Views!~

Outclub girls are in Hottekaya Hot Springs already! While Rin still has 40 kms to her campground. She also wants to go to the hot springs!
Girls are bathing to a beautiful view (ecchi scenes included, Aoi has such big breasts for a highschooler though). Then they see a place where they can eat. But Aoi says that if they will eat here, they won't be able to eat the camp food! They just buy some fried hot spring eggs, and that's all. Itadakimasu! And they fell asleep already...
"Yatsugate-Chushin Quasi Natural Park, Takabotchi Highlands" Rin has arrived,almost. From the peak you can see Matsumoto city, Lake Suwa and Mount Fuji all together. Only 9 kms to the top~
She takes a break, watching a plain field. She rode 150 kms. Now it's time to move to the hot springs. Only 6 kms more. And finally she is here, after such a long journey.. " We are closed as of October " ...
Dude, seriously?
After this bad fortune, at least she wants to see the Matsumoto City view. But it's too cloudy that she can't see a thing! Then she starts climbing to the summit of Mount Takabotchi for 400 meters. She came 150 kms to see a good view and relax in hot springs, and unfortunately she cannot do any of it. Poor Rin chan..

Hehe talked too soon. As she climbs to the peak, she finds a spot with a great view. Also she can go to the hot springs another time. Now it's time for a warm cozy camp! But it's too early to go to the campgrounds, so she should find another place to cook and feed herself. She takes a ride with her bike to find the perfect place. And there it is! She will cook something from her cook book finally, something simple.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ HOW TO COOK SOUP-STYLE PASTA? It can be made with a single camping pot. It leaves no extra broth, making it ideal for camping and hiking. Ingredients are: Onions, bacon, asparagus, shimeji mushrooms. Pre chop the ingredients so you'll save time and place in your backpack. Fry them in oil and garlic paste. Mix in 150 mL of water along with a cube of consommé and bring to boil. Break the pasta in half so it fits, and throw it in the pot. The boiling point is higher at high altitudes, often leaving it undercooked at the center. In those situations, use thinner pasta. The pasta will soak up most of the water in the pot. At that point, add 200 mL of milk and two pieces of sliced cheese and boil it for a little longer. Top with black pepper ans parsley, and you are done!~
While Rin is eating her pasta, outclub girls are still sleeping in hot springs! Nadeshiko wakes up when she receives a message from Rin. And of course, realizes the time... Aki-chan Aoi-chan, move move move!
They are walking in the forest to reach their destination. And they are in the campgrounds. There is a man wearing a samue (isn't it cold??) the owner of the campground. They set up the tent before it gets dark. The man brings them fresh water, also they can use the firewood as much as they want, what a great campsite! "Don't forget to put out the fire before you sleep."

Chiaki offers to make Swedish torch. They are also called Canadian candles or lumberjack candles. You just have to bind the logs and add kindling to the middle. You can also put a pot on it to cook. (Although it will end up black with soot). But because she tied them with a thin aluminium wire, it couldn't hold on too much and boom, heat made it snap.
Rin is reading a book called "UFO Encounter Files" and sees the campfire in the long distance.
Nadeshiko starts cooking the curry.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ HOW TO COOK STEWED CURRY? Ingredients: Potato, carrot, onion, okra, eggplant, garlic, pork. Pre-chop and fry the ingredients at home without batter then toss them in hot water with the curry roux. Leave it be, and it's done. Easy isn't it?
After eating marshmallows by the campfire, it's time to sleep. They all try to sleep in one tent but it's too small. "But it's kind of lonely sleeping alone ._.". To make it fair, they play rock paper scissors and Nadeshiko losts. She goes to the other tent and sends a message to Rin. Rin tells about her bad luck day, but she will definitely go to the hot springs tomorrow! When Rin says that night view in her campground is so nice, Nadeshiko also wants to take a look at her campground's view. She checks if other girls are asleep already, of course they are. So she takes the lantern and goes into the forest by herself. Finally she comes to the spot with a great view and sends a photo to Rin. Rin also gets up and takes a ride to the spot that she saw Matsumoto City before. She sends the photo in return to Nadeshiko. Both views are "kirei dane" (pretty).

P.S: Rin went to the hot springs the other day!
Room camp aftercredits: They talk about their first camping experience together. Nadeshiko shows them the printed photos that she took. She posts them up on the club room's wall. "Let's take lots of them and post them all up!!"
"She wants to cover the whole wall from ent to end..."
End of Episode 5!

Day 6

This week I wanted to eat Yakiniku, which is Japanese barbeque. But the place we wanted to go was actually in an island which was totally destroyed 6 years ago... So it was a shame that we couldn't eat it. But instead, there are hot pot places. I love hot pot more than barbeque anyways.

Episode06 : Meat and Fall Colors and the Mystery Lake!~

Episode starts in library, Rin is reading a book called "Mathematics and the Cosmos". She takes care of the school library. It's almost the end of November, she has flashbacks of everything she's done yesterday in Nagano. Drove 150 kms right after she got her driver's license, ate borscht, saw a lot of amazing views over the hills, went to the hot springs. Then she remembers the present she got for Nadeshiko, but the school is already over... But at that moment, she finds a mysterious package in her bag. Her mother gave her in the morning before school but because she was too sleepy she forgot about it. She immediately opens it. It's a compact campfire grill! (a really cute and small one) Now she can have campfires where they aren't allowed without stands and cook good meals over charcoal fires. Ena finds out what Rin is up to. She wants to cook meat, all kinds of meat.
"Let's do horumonyaki too"
Ena asks if she still keep Nadeshiko's present. (it's Chocolate Ganache Steamed Buns). Rin says that she didn't have a chance to give it to her yet. But Ena thinks maybe Nadeshiko is still in the club room. Rin doesn't want to go there so she wants Ena to bring her gift. -"No way..."
Ena heads home. Rin decides to take the books to the bookshelves and close the library. And she sees Nadeshiko laying on the floor, totally asleep.

She wakes up and asks what they were talking about with Ena. Rin gives her present, finally. They start eating the together. Nadeshiko asks about the grill, Rin offers to try it out together someday. Barbecue camp! So they arrange a camping trip together for the weekend. This time, Nadeshiko wnts to find the campground.Their finals are also coming up, but they still got time.
It's already weekend now, Sakura is taking them to the campground. First they are heading to the supermarket along the Route 52 to buy groceries. Rin thinks that cars are so comfy, after driving everywhere by herself on bike. Nadeshiko is in the front seat, eating gummies. This time they are going to the Lake Shibire Campgrounds. Actually Nadeshiko asked to the outclub members for an advice.
She got options like; forest campgrounds, seaside campgrounds, grassland campgorunds, vista campgrounds, riverside and lakeside campgrounds... (most of the Five Fuji Lakes capgrounds are riverside)
At that moment Chiaki says it used to be Eight Fuji Lakes. There is even a campground in one of those "old" lakes. And it's Lake Shibire. There are even electric eels in it. Locals say that there is a mysterious big fish living in that lake and there is an amazing barbecue place too! So this is how Nadeshiko learned about this place.

Rin already knows about that lake. It's famous for its fall colors.
They are at the supermarket already. Rin is planning to buy pork ribs, kalbi, pork jowl, horumon, skirt, tongue, ribeye... And they will grill over binchoutan coals. It will be three times as good with the otuside-dining effect. T___T But they only have ribs and kalbi in the supermarket. Barbecue is more of a summer thing, so supermakrets don't have too much opitons. Rin starts to cry but Nadeshiko fins pork and chicken skewers. They buy them.
Aoi works in that supermarket as a cashier. They say good luck, pay and leave. Let's head to the campgrounds!
Nadeshiko is still eating something, this time she eats menchi katsu. In the meantime, Chiaki is also searching for a campsite, or their next outclub trip. She notices a man with a cowboy hat and a lot of fancy camping stuff. And he is cooking meat! He also notices her, starring at his meat like a cat. He offers her to taste the meat. "YUM!"
Nadeshiko and Rin arrives to the Lake Shibire. Sakura leaves them. Rin really liked Sakura though..
Rin says that this place is famous for a story about a cow ghost. Nadeshiko freaks out and falls down. "G-ghost??!"

Room camp aftercredits: There are a lot of soba and udon shops in the mountains. Why is that? (they are type of noodle) Aoi explains that it's actually not soba and udon but sobaudon! Which means shag bird. "They simmer shag bird that2s been fed soba in a sweet and sour sauce and serve it on top o veggie rice. It's a speciality dish served in mountain villages. But people keep calling it soba udon and sobaudon vanished in history."
-"Really?" -Nah. End of Episode 6!

Day 7

It's probably one of the greatest achievements in life when you can control how much you drink. It's even much better when you start drinking alcohol rarely, it's much more enjoyable. The last time I got drunk was totally COOL so I want to leave it like that. I haven't been drunk since, I don't want to ruin my last memory with it. I won't tell the whole story here, but it was the first time I drank with a non-lesbian woman. I don't know if it will ever happen again in close future.

Episode07 : A Night on the Lake Shore and Campers!~

Lake Shibire is a small caldera lake situated nothwest of Motosuko, it was known as one of the Eight Fuji Lakes during the Edo period, and is famous for its autumn colors. It's said that here, a few hours after midnight, the spirit of a bull oni that was slain by a samurai will emerge from the lake. Or not, maybe~
Nadeshiko prays to a stone, because she is too afraid of lake monster. They walk to the campgrounds.
In the meantime, we see Rin's mother is talking with a man on the phone. This is the same man that shared his meat with Chiaki. And it appears to be Rin's grandpa, who is also a camper! But he is always camping without a break, unlike Rin.
Finally Rin and Nadeshiko arrives to the campsite. There is only one more group besides them. There are no street lights, and not too much people around, Nadeshiko is double panicked. Rin is calm. So they start to set up the tent. Rin has a sleeve tent, while Nadeshiko has a clip style tent. They both are same practically, but clip style tents are more expensive. You can also use groundsheet under your tent, which keeps your tent clean and makes teardown easier. Also it keeps the tent from getting torn. And it's not so expensive (500 yen). Affordable!
They make hot choclate and watch the view. Rin is thinking about Sakura, she really liked her. At that moment Nadeshiko asks: "When did you start camping?" -"I think since the winter of my fist year in middle school". Her grandpa also likes camping, as we already know, so he gave equipments to her in such early age.

In life everything happens "just kind of", dear. -says the country granny Nadeshiko chan. And Nadeshiko leaves Rin to take photos around. Rin tries to learn how to prepare the grill. First she adds the kindling and fires it, then she adds the coals on it, and she waits.
Nadeshiko wants to salute the other group, so she goes near them. They have a lot of fancy tools. There is also a drunk woman, who is still drinking. Nadeshiko thinks they may be camping as a couple. Then she keeps taking photos in other places.
Rin realizes that the fire died. In her second try, she uses all the fire starters. Nadeshiko comes back to the tent, to make a hot pot. But she sees Rin, desperately trying to start the fire. It seems she failed again. "It looked so easy in the videos, why??" Nadeshiko knows what to do, she asks for a help from the other group! Non-drunk woman comes to help and she tells them about the coals. Binchoutan coals (which they use) is harder to light than ordinary coals. So she brings Extruded Charcoal (Briquettes), made by compressing materials such as sawdust and charcoal, they can easily be lit. They don't burn as long, but enough to enjoy a barbecue. After the fire is started, you can add normal coals on them. And they are ready for the barbecue!
That camping veteran woman goes back to her own tent, that drunk woman is actually her sister.
And because Rin and Nadeshiko forgot to control the fire, the meat is overheated. With a charcoal grill, you can control the fire spot-by-spot with how much coal you use.

Dinner is ready! They take one plate of hot pot and grilled meat and bring it to the neighbor campers. We learn that the drunk woman is a teacher, her sister behaves pretty kind to her though even if she is being annoying. She is even planning of bringing non-alcoholic beer to her lectures! The veteran woman gives them a plate of jambalaya in return. Drunk woman also offers them a bottle of beer. "Dont mind the drunk~" And yes, that drunk is actually a teacher in Motosu High School (the same as the girls).
You can also bring supplies to the campsite by boat, passing the Lake Shibire. It's 500 yen for an hour to rent. Of course Nadeshiko wants to try it on their way back! After they eat bunch of meat, they use the rest of the coal for the campfire. Rin asks: "Where did you live before you came to Yamanashi?" -"In a town on the outskirts of Hamamatsu" Mount Fuji is visible there also, but not too much. So FUJIKO is happy to be closer to it.
It's time to sleep and Nadeshiko wants to sleep in the same tent with Rin, because of the lake monster. But Rin doesn't want her, and she alredy has her own tent. She gives Nadeshiko a face lotion, because your face can dry from the campfire. So Nadeshiko applies the lotion and sleeps.
Rin wakes up to go to the toilet, but she hears some strange sounds and she sees a strange siluette! (that's the drunk teacher) She gets freaked out and sleeps in the same tent with Nadeshiko, stealthly.
~Mweehehe~ ^^
In the morning, Nadeshiko uses the boat to cross the lake.

Room Camp aftercredits: Chiaki wants to reqruit more members to the outclub so they can get a bigger room. So her best idea is to hire a mascot who will attract the students. "Cross a tent with Shiba Inu and you get Tenshiba" "Cross a cat with a lantern and you get Nyantern!" "Cross a dutch oven and a turkey and you get Roast-chan!" -Our moscot is cooked...
End of Episode 7!

Day 8

Episode08 : Exams, Caribou, Steamed Buns, Yum!~